Generally in warm to hot climate, the atmospheric temperature in a 24 hour cycle varies from cool 24-26 deg. Celsius to hot 40-44 deg. Celsius and subsequently the building interior temperature changes from cool 24-26 degrees to hot 34-36 degrees Celsius. 

On hot sunny days,  the atmospheric temperature gradually rises to 33-35 degrees Celsius thus the Roof Attic / Concrete Slab gains heat and becomes hot 37-39 degrees Celsius. Hot temperature then collides to equalize inside the building through the Roof Attic / Concrete Slab by making an uncomfortable room temperature of 31-33 degrees Celsius.

Since the Roof Attic / Concrete Slab temperature has risen from cool 24-26 to hot 37-39 degrees Celsius, that is around 13 degrees higher, we need to control the heat by creating a barrier with Natcell insulation to trap the heat in the air pockets of the homogeneous fibres.

Natcell insulation will maintain the building interior room temperature around 29 degrees Celsius which is 2-4 degrees cooler (with adequate window curtains to prevent heat radiation)

During extreme high atmospheric temperature of 40-44 degrees Celsius, the Roof Attic / Concrete Slab temperature gains heat up to around 50-55 degrees Celsius and the building interior temperature rises to around 34-36 degrees Celsius.

In this instance Natcell insulation will still maintain the room temperature around 29 degrees Celsius that is 5 - 7 degrees cooler.

  1. Converting the room temperature for the first 3 degrees Celsius with the help of air conditioner will consume highest energy without  insulation due to continuous heat transference from the roof.
  2. Natcell insulation plus window tinting and sunblock curtains will definitely achieve around 26 degrees Celsius inside  the building without using air conditioner on a hot sunny day. 


Natcell being an Eco-friendly product with natural characteristics will absorb Sound waves up to Alpha : 1.0 (100%) at 3173 Hz, resulting filtration of Noise Pollution to avoid aural distortions in the living areas.

Sound barrier panels are fabricated as required for Sound Transmission Control up to 77 db.and Total Sound Blockout is achieved with our 17" thick soft wall system.

Acoustic wet spray using Natcell is applied to building interior walls for Noise Reverberation Control especially in Cinemas, Multi-Purpose Halls. Badminton Courts and Places of Worship.


Superior Listening Pleasure - 'Natcell'  fibre blends appropriately with modern Digital Sounds and has passed the flutter test.